myOwnMind documents and showcases the personal research, work and experience design of lou suSi

the work here reflects non-commercial project ideas that lou conceptually imagined, sketched and designed, quite literally, from his own mind

some of the collection displayed here will be a bit rough-hewn and still in-progress, which is probably a pretty accurate of the state of lou's mind and how it tends to work via subconscious evolutionary flow processes that involve iterative thinking, spurts of informed action, lots of sketching and writing, and a lot of immersive confusion

the designer-artist's intent here on myOwnMind is to be completely honest and open with his creative processes while designing and developing ideas he thinks may be of some relative value to an intended audience of real people but not ( yet ) sponsored or funded in any way by an actual official business entity

if you or someone you love is interested in sponsoring one of the projects shown here in myOwnMind, please do not hesitate to contact lou via email at lou @ myOwnMind LLC dot com — or, if you have comments, suggestions or ideas to help add to the ideas you see here, definitely drop him an email, too

All contents of myOwnMind © Copyright 2015 lou suSi for myOwnMind, LLC. All rights reserved.